Woman spends a year collecting fallen hairs then makes extensions out of it

A woman has managed to make her own extensions from hair that has fallen out over the last year.

The TikTok user, known as cocolee379, has amassed more than 21 million views documenting her hair journey online – and people are stunned.

After finding out that 40-200 hairs fall out per day, the woman calculated how much she could lose in a year – and it was revealed to be a staggering 36,600 hairs.

So, she set herself the challenge of collecting all of the fallen hair she finds.

She started the challenge over a year ago and since then has collected so much hair that she’s able to make her own hair extensions.

Whenever she spots hair lying around, whether that’s in the shower, on the floor, or on her clothes, she makes sure to pick it up.

She then deposits the hair into plastic resealable bags until they’re too full to fill anymore.

Then, she’ll stick them one by one to a strip of double-sided tape.

She demonstrated putting the DIY extensions into a ponytail in a recent video, which proved to be quite the challenge as the tape weighed down the hair.

Whilst some people were baffled as to why she was collecting her hair, others, who were stunned, were tempted to try it out for themselves.

One person said: “I’m confused about what the point of this is.”

Another wrote: “Yo I think this is a good idea to donate later!”

“Tell me you’re bored without telling me you’re bored,” wrote a third.

And a fourth put: “You better make a wig.”